Ladies Day at the Fun Tournament

Friday we had 32 Ladies participating in the In-House tournament down at the Pickleball Courts. A great time was had by all, and nobody got hurt, not even the volunteer referees.


The C level Final featured Denise and Keri battling Judy and Cheryl.9A5A9BE4-523A-4E91-9D1F-3A33DC49A242

The C medals were awarded, with Denise and Keri winning Gold, Judy and Cheryl with Silver, and Judy and Linda earning the Bronze.


The B group Bronze medal match featured Kate and Deb facing off against Paula and Gail.61C4D2B5-2A6D-4535-B266-8FF0421C22DC

Gail and Paula moved on to face Karol and Bev who beat them out for the Gold Medal.60BEEBB6-5820-47FB-818F-2FBEF42BB081

The A group Gold medal game featured Liz and Bronagh against Ginny and Karen.



Liz and Bronagh won the Gold Medal, with Debra and Bev winning the Bronze earlier.

It was a great day, and be sure to come down and watch the Men’s teams on Saturday and the Mixed teams on Sunday.


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