December General Meeting

I give no guarantees on the accuracy of these notes, but if there are any mistakes, they are all mine. I would appreciate hearing of any corrections necessary.

Rod W

Dec 1, 2018 Pickleball General Meeting.

8:30 AM at the courts.

Debby Flynn gave a general rundown of fundraising efforts and expenses over the past couple of years. At present we have $685 in hand that is presently being kept at Debby’s home.

She spoke about plans for the Cancer Fundraising Pickleball v/s Softball tournament for 2019. The softball game and Pickleball Tournament held last year were great fun, but we did see people hurt themselves as they were playing sports they weren’t normally accustomed to playing. The plan for this year is to hold a Shuffleboard Tournament involving the two sports groups.

John Allevi suggested that we hold several different types of tournament, Ping Pong, Softball, Pickleball and allow folks to choose which events they would like to participate in.

There will be another Cancer Basket donated by the Pickleball Group, and we will be looking for donations. No date for the Cancer Fundraising Auction has been set that we are aware of.

There will be another In House Fun tournament held in the New Year. The format for this year will not be set teams entering the event like in 2018. All players playing in the various events will have their names put in the appropriate bucket (Men’s or Ladies; A group, B group, C group and a special grouping for those 65+) and their names will be pulled from the bucket individually to determine pairings.

Tom Moroni explained that Open Play rotations will continue as presently set up. Players play no more than 2 games in a row before coming off the courts. When there are 8+ paddles waiting players will begin a 4 on 4 off rotation. When there are 16= paddles waiting, rotation is 4 on 4 off, but all games are to 9 points.

If players find that the rotation schedule appears to show that players will go back on with the same group they came off with, they are asked to sort this out when they first come off the courts, NOT when they are about to re-enter the courts (i.e. Hold your paddle out until the next group starts to place their paddles). If you pull your paddle from a rotation when you are next up to come on the courts, we ask you to put your paddle at the back of the line.

Social Court rules and rotation remain as before, and they are posted at the courts.

Rally Scoring is presently only in use for the Sunday Match Play events. We will revisit the implementation of Rally scoring for Saturday Round Robin events in January once player numbers increase in the park.

John Allevi mentioned that Rally Scoring is Coming (a topic still up for debate) and that we don’t want to be the last to implement it.

(Connie has printed off R/R sheets for up to 35 players, so we can be prepared for larger participation levels. We also implemented Rally Scoring during the A group R/R this Saturday, but ONLY for the last game left on the courts. Points from the moment it was identified that a game was the final game in a session were Rally points.)

Tom pointed out that there were NO C players signed up for the Saturday Round Robin. We need to encourage this group to become more involved, but in the meantime, C Round Robins will be scheduled for 3:00 PM, and A and B groups will alternate the 11:00 and 1:00 time slot on Saturday.

Ginny K. mentioned that we should post a criteria for C players to strive to complete as they gain competence in the game. Successful serves and consistent attempts to accomplish a 3rd Shot Drop are only 2 of the necessary criteria. Player should be presented with Goals to attain and skills to master in order to continue to improve.

Tom explained that Round Robin scoring is not requirement to compete. If an individual player does not wish to have their scores recorded on the weekly sheets, that is his or her prerogative. Results can be displayed as a W, an L or a –.

Players who consistently obtain low scores in the Round Robin they are enrolled in will be encouraged to drop down to the next level to better enjoy their play. The same will apply to players who consistently obtain High scores in their Round Robin results.

Tom also announced that there will be 2 vacancies on the Pickleball Committee this January. Mike Peterson and Robin Sipe will be stepping down. If anyone wishes to stand for a position on the board, could they please let Rod Williams know at site 183. If more people come forward than there are positions available, there will be an election for the open positions.

Your Present board consists of:

Debby Flynn

Everett Johnson

Tom Moroni

Connie Moroni

Dale Bolt

Rod Williams

Sylvia Williams

With the 2 openings filled in January, there will continue to be 9 members of the committee. John Allevi asked if we could not cut the board to 5 members. This issue was discussed at the recent committee meeting. Each one of our committee members puts in a lot of time sharing the load, which would be very difficult if only shared among 5 members. Ginny K commented that the 9 members we have are appreciated for the work that they do. Sylvia suggested that we have a maximum of 9 members of our committee, and a minimum of 7.

Tom then brought up the issue of players preparing for Tournament play. Donna S commented that the present style of play penalizes the better players in the park. The focus of CV-SV has always been to provide oppourtunites for all residents to play in a safe inclusive environment. Players who need to prepare for tournament can find courts and time to play most afternoons and will be encouraged to do so. There will be a calendar posted in the White Board area showing when courts are not in use, and can be reserved for Social, Group or Competitive play. Only 2 courts can be reserved for any group to allow all to have a chance to play. Players from outside the park are welcome to play on these reserved courts.

In Open Play time in the morning, if there are no Social Court players using court 4 competitive players will be able to use this court for play, if they follow the same rules posted for the Social Court (play one game and all 4 come off if regular courts full etc.)

– Connie related the general details of a conversation held with the new head of Maintenance (Bob). He was made aware of the various issues surrounding Pickleball facilities. These include the following:

  1. Levelling the Rock/Gravel in the viewing areas. (Done)
  2. Securing down the Chainlink Fencing surrounding the courts so players cannot get their shoes caught under the fence.
  3. Fix the ‘Trench’ along the side of courts 1 and 6
  4. Remove the concrete splatter on courts 3 and 4
  5. Installation of a storage shed behind the Concession/Washroom building.
  6. Reinforce and/or Reinstall the light standards on the East end of the courts.
  7. Provide a light above the Drinking Fountains. Snakes have been known to huddle there in the dark.

Residents will be encouraged to initiate their own Work order initiatives to the office regarding these issues so the Cal Am staff can understand that they are all a necessary task.

In general discussion Nancy Harvey pointed out the differences between the Scheduling and Rules of Play at CV versus other Cal Am Parks. Many other of these parks have fewer courts/resident than our park and need more structure to their play.

John A reminded us that we are all responsible to inform players that Smashing a ball into an opponent is not acceptable (whether the opponent is male or female)

Liz Dubisar presented a graphic of personalized Pickleball Keychains that are available for purchase. These need to be ordered by Dec 6th, and details are as follows:

I have a friend who makes 3D PIckleball paddles.  Cost is $5.00 per paddle.  A person can get either a 3” or 2” design.  The 3” paddles are good for zippers on your PIckleball bags and the 2” are perfect for your key chains.  Ordering purple paddles with white letters and trim. You can have your name on the paddle or something simple.  Need to have all orders by December 6th with delivery after the 26th of December.  Please contact Liz Dubisar at  When you send an email please include the following: what you want on your paddle, size and site number.

Thank you for your interest.
Liz Dubisar



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