Jan 5 General Meeting Minutes

I apologize in advance for any errors or omissions


January 5th Pickleball General Meeting

With the resignations of Mike Peterson and Robin Sipe, (You both have our thanks) Your Pickleball committee for 2019 is as follows:
Debbie Flynn
Tom Moroni
Connie Moroni
Everette Johnson
Sylvia Williams
Rod Williams
John Alevi and Big Barry S have volunteered to join the Committee this year.

Deb Flynn welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced our new Committee Members. (It was great to see how many attended the meeting)

– The Cal Am Fun Tournament will be held February 14-16. There will be no brackets for this tournament, and you can expect to face players up to the 4.0 level.
– Tryouts for this Tournament will be held Jan 14th (mixed), 16th (Ladies) and 18th (Men’s) with rainout dates being the following dates (except Men’s which will be Sunday the 20th)
– Play will start at 11:00 each day, and the Sign-up sheet is at the Whiteboard.

We will be holding an In-House Fun Tournament on February 22-24th. There will be a $5 entry fee for this event with all funds raised being used by CV-SV Pickleball for events such as the Season Wrap up party on Sunday March 10th at 3:00 in the old Ballroom. Players will sign up as individuals, and partnerships will be determined by Random Draw on the morning of the event. Brackets will be self assigned, with players over age 70 being eligible to drop down a level from their regular play group.

Tom Moroni mentioned that it is now Peak Season in the park and we can expect Open Play and Round Robin’s to be busy. (Today; 30 B players with 3 sharing a position, 26 A players and 16 C players). He mentioned that there are lots of lesson participants who don’t seem to come out to regular play. Deb encouraged people to gather a group of friends together use a court on a weekday afternoon when the courts are not busy.
Both John A and Barry S pointed out that we need to adjust our play in the mornings when we are facing lower caliber players. Be Kind!

Deb mentioned that Monday lessons are for groups of Beginners and those interested in getting better. John Alevi’s Thursday lessons are for Intermediate and Advanced players and you must be invited and/or approved by John to attend these sessions. John also mentioned that the Friday Dinking game Round Robin is useful in developing proper Kitchen Line technique and recommends each of us to participate.

John also mentioned that lobbing is a poor choice of shots, especially against lower caliber players where it can be dangerous and cause injury. John will be teaching how to deal with a lobber in his lessons. Backpedaling is not an acceptable response, as most of us don’t have the necessary balance to do this successfully.

Connie pointed out that the Onix balls we use are used because that is what our park provides us for free. Dura-fast or Tournament balls can be used during Open play if your partner and opponents concur.
*As a committee we have discussed this issue at length. Open Play is for all players in the park to enjoy themselves. If you are preparing for a Tournament we would ask that you try and schedule time in the Afternoons to practice and prepare. Please do not be imposing in the use of Dura-fast balls on recreational players who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with them.*

We have approached the Softball group about a Cancer Fundraising Tournament this season. Our proposal was to hold a Shuffleboard Tournament this year, but this has been pooh-poohed by the Softball group. There will be Softball v/s Pickleball event held on the field and the courts in early March. There may still be a Shuffleboard Tournament for the Pickleball group if it can be organized.

We are asking all Pickleball players to donate $5 or more towards funding purchases for the Pickleball Basket at the Cancer Fundraising Auction. Cash Donations will be accepted until Saturday, January 12th. There will be an envelope at the table for the Saturday Round Robins to collect funds. It was also discussed that if you have other items appropriate for the basket (Shirts, Booze, Gift Cards etc) could you please drop them off at Debbie Flynn’s. Deb will be exercising her skills as a Serial Shopper after that date to fill the basket.


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