February Pickleball Meeting

This Saturday February 3rd at 8:30 AM we will be having a General Meeting at the courts. Bring along your questions and suggestions. See you there!


January General Meeting

Jan 6th General Meeting held at the Pickleball Courts – 8:30 AM

Deb welcomed all the new players and those returning for the Winter Season as of Jan 1.

-All players are entitled to a free Pickleball which they are expected to bring along to the courts. If it breaks, a free replacement is provided, but if it’s lost, a fee will be charged for replacement.

Saturday Round Robin play times have changed for the month of January.

9:00 – B level players

11:00 – A level players

1:00 – C level players

Check the White Board for all changes and new information, and if you have any questions on what your skill level is, contact one of the members of our club Executive. Deb Flynn, Robin Sipe, Dale Bolt, Everitt Johnson, Tom and Connie Moroni, Mike Petersen and Rod and Sylvia Williams

Cal – Am has provided us with a new Sun Shade and we thank them for it! Remember to stay out of the Yellow Taped area surrounding the door to the Concession Stand.

We have asked Park Management to address a few housekeeping and safety items at the courts. First, that the bottom portion of the Chain-link fencing be secured better to prevent injuries. There have been instances where players have caught their feet under the fencing when playing an aggressive game and end up far off the court surface. We have also requested a Hose Reel to secure the water hose used to clean the courts so that it is not left on the court surface. The same applies to the Electrical cord for the Leaf Blower. Lastly, we have asked that the ditch next to the new block wall be filled in and levelled off.

Please remember to keep your bags hooked on the back of the Stands, and not on the court fencing.

As the courts get busier again after Christmas, we need to remember to only play 2 games in a row before leaving the courts and allowing other players access. Once the number of paddles waiting exceeds 8 and extends beyond the first Yellow Tape marker, change 4 players after EACH game. Once the number of paddles reaches the second Yellow Tape marker, all games are limited to 9 points and 4 players off. If you find you are going on the courts with the same 4 players feel free to move a couple of paddles around (with permission) but don’t try and cherry pick who you do and do not wish to play with.

Morning Open Play times are from 8 AM to 11 PM. No teams are to be requesting to play together during this period. Practice times are available for teams in the afternoons.

We are going to be having an In House tournament on February 23, 24 and 25th. There will be divisions for Ladies teams, Men’s teams and Mixed Teams on those 3 days. There will be a $5 fee to play in any division with all of these proceeds going to the Cancer Fundraising efforts here in Canyon Vistas. This tournament is open to Current Residents of the park only. The Snack Bar will be open during this event, and Cal Am will be providing Medals for our winners. Whether it is a Single or Double Elimination tournament will be determined by the number of entrants we end up with. Players will be assigned to Level play, much like Saturday Round Robins, but players over 75 years old will be allowed to ‘drop down’ a level if upon their request. There are plans to have a 50/50 draw with proceeds going to the Cancer Basket we hope to build for the Cancer Auction later in the season. Donations for this Pickleball Basket are welcome.

On Friday Feb 12th there will be a Softball/Pickleball challenge tournament as a Cancer Fundraiser. On the Following Friday there will be a chance at revenge, as there will be a Pickleball v/s Softball game on the ball field. Don’t bring a paddle to the Softball game. They don’t work well as a bat!

Tryouts for the Cal-Am Pickleball tournament at VDO begin January 16th. Times for the tryouts are posted on the White Board. The tournament will be held Feb 14-16th. John Alevi is going to organize a Referee training session for those willing to assist at the tournament. Please see John if you wish to volunteer.

December 2nd General Meeting