CAL AM Tournament

Try out dates for the 2019 tournament have been set as follows:

Mixed – Monday January 14th @ 11:00 Rainout Date – Tuesday

Ladies – Wednesday January 16th at 11:00 Rainout Date – Thursday

Mens – Friday January 18th @ 9:00 or Noon Rainout Date – Sunday

Start time to be determined by the number of teams registered.

When registering to play in these tryouts, players agree:

  1. All players must be current residents of CV – SV
  2. All games to be played on one day.
  3. 9 or less teams – all games played to 15 points, win by one.
  4. 10 + teams, all games played to 11 points, win by one.
  5. Rainouts will be determined by court condition for player safety.
  6. If seconce Rainout date is needed – Board will set new date

Tryouts will be played in a Round Robin format.

Representatives will be determined on :

Games won.

If there is a tie on number of games won, then the team with the higher point totals on the day will be CV – SV representatives.

CAL – AM tournament to be held as a location to be determined.

More information will be posted as soon as it is available.