Drop In Guidelines

7 AM to 11 AM except Saturdays

Outside of Open Play times courts are available for lessons and group play as desired.

  1. Place your Paddle in the North paddle rack.
  2. Paddles closest to the gate enter courts when next players called.
  3. if your paddle is next – and you choose not to go out or ‘wait’ your paddle will be moved to the end of the waiting line of paddles – No selecting who you will play or join on the courts.
  4. Upon completion of first games in the morning, 2 winning players stay on, 2 non-winning players leave the courts and place paddles in rotation order in rack.
  5. Winners Split and welcome new players.
  6. Once you play 2 games in a row, players will leave courts, return their paddles to rack in rotation order.
  7. Once courts are full and 8 paddles are in rack waiting to play- all 4 players come off after each game.
  8. Once 16 or more paddles are in the rack waiting to play, first team to 9 points wins the game and all 4 players come off the courts.
  9. Once 7 or less paddles remain in the rack waiting to play then rotation returns to step 3-5.
  10. During Open Play times no team playing allowed. Please do not ask. Come to the courts after open play to practice with your partner.

*Court availability may change without notice or due to scheduled events.